Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching gives you the confidence (courage) and skills to assess the situation, make decisions that minimize risks, and increase the chances of a good outcome. A good leader "leads" by doing what's in the best interest of the company or organization, and understands "driving revenue and profitability" is a team effort. A good leader also encourages ideas, cheers for their team, shares their success and failures, and creates a "we can do it together" workplace.

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching is helpful for anyone in a situation that requires you to control your emotions, while also helping the people around you manage their emotions too. EI has become more important in the past few years, and has been extremely useful in the workplace, medical facilities, and military tactical operations. Emotional Intelligence is a good skill to have in your toolbox, especially in crisis scenarios, because people make better decisions, when they don't panic.

  • 3 Hour Session, a combination of both Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Some "new college grads" have also completed this coaching and felt it helped them get a job or into a management training program.

Courage (Confidence) Doesn't Always Roar Like A Lion. It just does the "right thing, at the right time." Margie Curry, Leadership Coaching.

Margie Curry

Executive Coaching

Interview Coaching

Divorce Coaching

Grief Coaching (Loss of Spouse)

Coaching Clients Across the US

Please contact me to discuss your coaching needs. We can chat for 15 minutes, and then you decide if you want to get on my schedule. All coaching sessions are paid online. Skilled in both career and life coaching, behavioral interviewing, divorce coaching, and  grief support.



Rate: $150.00 Hr.

Your past and present are like the threads of a spider web, tangled together, and difficult to separate. Divorce Coaching and Grief Coaching.

Interview Coaching

  • interview coaching medical residency.   

  • interview coaching new college grads transitioning from college to the job market, or trying to get into a management training program.

  • expert level interview coach.

  • skilled in behavioral interviewing.

  • 15 yrs. experience in coaching.

  • former recruiter.

  • experience managing high profile recruiting projects.

  • experience developing interview questions, evaluating candidate responses, briefing interview committee or senior management on candidates, and negotiating offer packages.

  • skilled in coaching clients how to overcome obstacles and improve their chances of a good outcome.

  • interview coaching is a "multi-tasking tool" that improves communication skills, coaches "C" level executives how to sell their ideas in the boardroom, prepares medical interns for their residency match interviews, helps new college grads in their job search, or secure a spot in a management training program, builds confidence, and prepares you for a job performance review.

Starting Over. How to Move Forward

When your new status is just me, and you loved being "us", it can be painful. Loss of a relationship can trigger a grieving heart, even if you were alone, more than together. You're drowning in depression, and you know you need to move forward, but how do you do this? Three things you may not know. (1) If you were in a long term marriage, you may grieve this loss, even if "you" were the one that ended the relationship. (2) The grief process is different for everyone who loses a spouse. There are 5 stages of grief, but some people skip a stage, or go back and revisit a stage a second time, which is very normal. (3) When someone feels like the expectations of a relationship are too high, and their partner doesn't seem to appreciate the efforts they are making, they stop trying. If your story includes a feeling of being abandoned or betrayed by someone you loved, it's very difficult to "forgive and forget", but God will give you peace when you do. I felt many different emotions when my husband died last spring, so I understand. I provide both Divorce Coaching and Grief Coaching (Loss of Spouse) from a Christian perspective, which helps you move forward. I have been writing "Starting Over" postings on Linkedin since May, 2020.

Coaching Ethics

Failing Forward Strategy: How to turn a negative into a positive.

Accountability is a good thing, and I believe that the truth will take you farther than a lie, no matter how you spin it. When I have a client trying to rebound from a difficult situation, we deal with it honestly, and then we move forward. These are my core values, and a strategy that I have used successfully in my career, as an Executive Coach, Interview Coach, Divorce Coach, Grief Coach (Loss of Spouse), former Recruiter, and former Branding & Marketing Consultant. My clients privacy is very important to them, and therefore I would never ask anyone for an online review. My clients trust me, and I take that relationship very seriously.