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 Jumpstart Interview Coaching has been in business 15 years. Coaching specialties: career coaching, anxiety coaching, interview coaching, and personal brand coaching. Your anxiety goes up when the brain perceives a "threat." such as the coronavirus. You may have coronavirus anxiety right now. Anxiety Coaching can help. I also have experience with grief support, which is the foundation of Life Coaching. The heart can grieve for many reasons, including the current battle with the coronavirus. Expert Interview Coach, I used Behavioral Interviewing when I managed the recruiting process for the Atlanta Olympic Games, and while working for TSA Department of Homeland Security. This is a great tool for evaluating responses. During my career as a coach and former Recruiter, I have interviewed thousands of people, using Behavioral Interviewing which evaluates a person's leadership skills, conflict resolution, their ability to set priorities and to reach goals, decision making and problem solving, how well you sell your ideas and strategies to other members of the team, and your ability to overcome obstacles. Developed a coaching strategy I call the "Art of Perception" which coaches my clients on verbal language, body language, and what your wardrobe says about you. 

Career Accomplishments

  • Skilled in working with corporate and government candidates, sales managers, executives, and medical professionals.

  • A former top Recruiter in Atlanta. 

  • Experience with people who suffer from high anxiety and depression. Skilled in grief support, the foundation of Life Coaching. Former Support Group Leader, Depression, Grief, Life Crisis. Volunteer church sponsored grief program for kids and adults.

  • Expert Interview Coach, skilled in Behavioral Interviewing the most difficult and popular interviewing technique.

  • Career Coach and Career Transition Coach with 15 years experience helping clients with career and life issues.

  • Experience managing high profile recruiting projects such as Atlanta Olympic Games, a global sports event.

  • Experience working for Ketchum, the top advertising, branding, marketing, and public relations agency in the U.S.

  • Experience helping clients in decision making and problem solving.

  • Coaching clients on how to rebound from a difficult situation, sometimes referred to as Reputation Coaching.

  • Personal Brand Coaching for someone starting over, a rising star in their career field, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

  • Developed the "Art of Perception" coaching strategy for my clients, which provides coaching on verbal language, body language, and what your wardrobe is saying about you.

  • Former Volunteer Miss America Beauty Pageant, which is focused on personal style and interview questions.

  • Experience managing recruiting projects for Federal Reserve Bank, technology companies, Delta Airlines, SunTrust Bank Corporate Marketing Department, and TRW Systems & Information Management.

  • Strong skills in fashion and design, wardrobe styling, managing photo shoots, public relations, and writing press releases and profiles.

  • Former Marketing  & Brand Consultant.

  • Skilled at preparing interns for their Residency Match Interviews, and providing medical interview coaching for other professionals.

Medical Interview Coaching

Medical interview coaching for students applying to medical school, interns preparing for their residency match interviews, medical directors, applicants for nurse practitioner and physician assistant programs, and medical sales professionals.

Margie Curry

Career Coach

Expert Interview Coach

Anxiety Coach

Personal Brand Coach


Jumpstart Interview Coaching

Charleston, SC

Rate: $150.00 Hr. 

All Clients must pay Online. This is how I schedule my appointments. PayPal is a very secure site to process payments.

Please contact me before paying online.

Anxiety Coaching 

Anxiety is worrying about what may happen in the future and the fear of what is happening in your life right now. Your anxiety goes up when the brain perceives a "threat".  Anxiety causes both physical symptoms (increased heart rate and shakiness) and mental symptoms too (lack of focus, a feeling of being overwhelmed, sensitivity to lights and noises) My approach to anxiety coaching or anxiety counseling is very unique, because I use a combination of "3" strategies: talking, listening to music and discussing the message in a song,  and walking. This strategy tears down walls, and starts a conversation about how you really feel, your triggers, and finding coping skills that work for you.

 Personal Brand Coach

Personal Brand Coaching is for people starting over, executives, a rising star in their career field, business professionals, and entrepreneurs. It includes: creating a new brand, confidence building, improving communication skills, a wardrobe stylist (me)  public relations, and a brand strategy. Clothes can be a big influencer in how you feel, but I think it's important to help clients feel good about themselves on the inside too.  Personal Brand Coaching also is focused on problem solving and decision making, and coaching clients how to "rebound" from a difficult situation, which is sometimes called Reputation Coaching. Personal Brand Coaching provides encouragement, when you feel discouraged, and helps you reach your goals. Former Marketing & Branding Consultant, I began my career with Ketchum Communications, the top advertising, branding, marketing, and public relations agency in the U.S.

Coaching Ethics: Margie Curry

Accountability is a good thing, and I believe that the truth will take you farther than a lie, no matter how you spin it. When I have a client trying to rebound from a difficult situation, we deal with it honestly, and then we move forward. These are my core values, and a strategy that I have used successfully in my career as a former Recruiter, Career Coach, Interview Coach, Anxiety Coach, and Personal Brand  Coach.  I also encourage my clients to be as "authentic" as possible, and to never compromise on their values. Many of my clients are high net worth people who I coach, or provide coaching services to other members of their families. Confidentiality is very important to them. For that reason, I will never ask a client for a review and you will probably not see any online reviews for me.