Executive Coaching

  • leadership and emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict resolution, confidence building, and wardrobe styling.

  • coaching executives on problem solving, decision making, and how to rebound from a difficult situation.

 What is Emotional Intelligence ?

Emotional Intelligence Coaching is a "leadership" skill, and teaches you to remain calm and rational when you need to be, and also help those around you manage their emotions too. People make better decisions, when faced with a stressful or crisis situation, if they don't panic. Emotional Intelligence is a required skill for Executives, Medical Professionals, Military Officers, and anyone whose responsibility is to lead.

Interview Coaching

  • prepare medical professionals, (students applying to medical school, interns prepping for residency match interviews, candidates for physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs) and new college grads, for the highly competitive interview process.

  • Expert Interview Coach. Skilled in behavioral interviewing, which can be very intimidating if you don't feel confident and prepared.

Backstory: Margie Curry

 Jumpstart Interview Coaching has been in business 15 years. Executive Coach, and Interview Coach. 15 years in coaching and 7 years in recruiting management. Executive Coaching: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management, Conflict Resolution, Confidence Building, and Wardrobe styling. Expert Interview Coach with specialized training in Behavioral Interviewing from TSA Department of Homeland Security. For interview coaching, my clients include medical professionals, executives, and new college grads. I have interviewed thousands of candidates during my career. Companies and organizations I have managed recruiting projects for include: Atlanta Olympic Games, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, technology companies, SunTrust Bank Corporate Marketing Department, medical device, Delta Airlines, pharmaceutical companies, and others. Former Recruiter in Atlanta. Former Branding & Marketing Consultant.

Margie Curry

Executive Coach

Expert Interview Coach


Jumpstart Interview Coaching

Charleston, SC

Rate: $150.00 Hr. 

Executive Coaching

Interview Coaching

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Coaching Ethics

Accountability is a good thing, and I believe that the truth will take you farther than a lie, no matter how you spin it. When I have a client trying to rebound from a difficult situation, we deal with it honestly, and then we move forward. These are my core values, and a strategy that I have used successfully in my career an Executive Coach, Interview Coach, former Recruiter, and Branding & Marketing Consultant. I also encourage my clients to be as "authentic" as possible, and to never compromise on their values. Many of my clients are high net worth people who I coach, or provide coaching services to other members of their families. Confidentiality is very important to them. For that reason, I will never ask a client for a review and you will probably not see any online reviews for me.