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 Jumpstart Interview Coaching has been in business since February, 2005. Coaching specialties: career coaching, divorce coaching for clients going through the separation and divorce process, transition coaching, personal image coaching which builds confidence and personal brand coaching, and medical interview coaching. I have specialized training from the federal government in behavioral interviewing, the most "difficult" and widely used interview technique today. We used Behavioral Interviewing when I managed the recruiting process for the Atlanta Olympic Games, and while working for TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Department of Homeland Security. This is a great tool for evaluating responses. It enables me to prepare my clients for divorce and mediation hearings, job interviews, medical interviews, military academy nomination interviews, new college grads transition from college to the job market, and business professionals in career transition. During my career as a coach and former recruiter, I have interviewed thousands of people, using Behavioral Interviewing which evaluates a person's leadership skills, conflict resolution, their ability to set priorities and to reach goals, decision making and problem solving, and whether they are a team player, and get along well with others. I have also developed a coaching strategy which I call "the art of perception". This is very successful in coaching my clients on where to put the "period" at the end of a powerful statement or sentence, and the risk of continuing to talk. Skilled in grief support, the foundation of life coaching, for clients who have a "grieving heart" from a separation or divorce.

Career Accomplishments

  • Skilled in developing strategies for each coaching client, and instilling a "confidence" in those who are going through divorce or other life transition.

  • A former top Recruiter in Atlanta. 

  • Experience managing high profile recruiting projects such as Atlanta Olympic Games, a global sports event.

  • Experience working for Ketchum, the top advertising, branding, marketing, and public relations agency in the U.S.

  • Divorce Coaching includes coaching on decision making and problem solving, and how to "jumpstart" your new life.

  • Strong skills in personal image coaching and personal brand coaching.

  • Former Volunteer Assistant to Director Miss America Beauty Pageant, which is focused on personal style and interview questions.

  • Experience managing recruiting projects for Federal Reserve Bank, technology companies, Delta Airlines, SunTrust Bank Corporate Marketing Department, and TRW Systems & Information Management.

  • Developed the "art of perception" coaching strategy for my clients.

  • Expert Level Interview Coach with strong skills in behavioral interviewing and role playing.

  • Career Transition Coaching for business professionals.

  • Strong skills in fashion and design, wardrobe styling, managing photo shoots, public relations, and writing press releases and profiles.

  • Celebrating 15 years in coaching and helping clients with life and career issues.

  • Former Marketing Consultant, who has helped high profile companies launch new products.

  • Experience in grief support coaching, and helping clients who have a "grieving heart" due to divorce or separation.

  • Career Coaching new college grads. Strong skills helping them transition from college life to the job market.

  • Skilled at preparing medical interns for their Residency Match Interviews.

Divorce Coaching

Transition Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Many people feel alone when they are going through a separation or divorce. Maybe your "couple friends" don't understand how you're feeling, when  suddenly your status changed from being a couple to single. Divorce can effect your physical and emotional health, and your career.  I coach my clients how to look through the lens of life and to feel confident and hopeful about their future. Your heart may grieve over the loss of this love, even if the separation or divorce was your idea. Divorce Coaching, (which is also referred to Transition Coaching or Transformation Coaching), is helping you through a big life change, and to instill a renewed sense of confidence in someone who has lost their identity. I have been doing this type of coaching for the past 15 years.

Many skills are needed to help someone going through a divorce or separation, for them to have a successful, healthy, outcome. My background includes: career coaching, transition coaching, interview coaching to prepare clients for a divorce or mediation hearing, and personal image coaching. It's important that my clients feel good on the inside and outside, and for them to know that I will be there to help them through the separation and divorce process, and when they are ready to "jumpstart" their new life.

Margie Curry

Career Coach

Divorce Coach 

Transition Coach

Personal Image Coach

Personal Brand Coach


Jumpstart Interview Coaching

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My career began in the field of advertising, branding, marketing, and public relations, working for Ketchum, the top agency in the US. They have been very successful because they know how to pitch clients, win their business, and to keep them. I was also a Marketing Consultant, and a top Recruiter in the Atlanta market for several years before starting my coaching practice. Former Volunteer for the Miss America Beauty Pageant, which is very focused on personal style and image, as well as evaluating the contestants responses to interview questions.

 Personal Image Coach

Personal Brand Coach

Clothes can be a big influencer, but it's important that we feel good about ourselves on the inside too. Personal Image Coaching (Personal Image Consultant) is for people who want to create a new image, or a client who wants to build their confidence and improve communication skills. This type of coaching is also about wardrobe styling and a closet edit. Other related skills include: marketing, branding, public relations, managing photo shoots, and writing press releases and profiles. Personal Brand Coaching is for a rising star in their career field, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Medical Interview Coaching

Medical interview coaching for students applying to medical school, interns preparing for their residency match interviews, doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and medical directors.

Coaching Ethics: Margie Curry

I believe accountability is a good thing, and that the truth will take you farther than a lie, no matter how you spin it. When I have a client trying to rebound from a difficult situation, we deal with it honestly, and then we move forward. These are my core values, and a strategy that I have used successfully in my career as a Recruiter, Career Coach, Divorce Coach, Transition Coach, and Personal Image Coach.  I also encourage my clients to be as "authentic" as possible, and to never compromise on their values. Many of my clients are high net worth people who I coach, or provide coaching services to other members of their families. Confidentiality is very important to them. For that reason, I will never ask a client for a review and you will probably not see any online reviews regarding my coaching performance. It is my job to protect the privacy of all my clients. 

Celebrating 15 Years in Coaching

I never advocate divorce if there is any chance to save the marriage or relationship, and hope you will not make this decision from pride or hurt. Please think about it carefully, and pray about it. But if you find yourself in this position, it's important that you have a strong support system, which includes a Divorce Coach. 

"When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown."  Isaiah 43:2