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Jumpstart Interview Coaching, was started in 2005, to help business professionals in career transition, students applying to medical school, and new college grads struggling to transition from college life to the job market. I also had some clients who were going through a divorce or other big life change, and needed "transition coaching" and confidence coaching. Formerly, Jumpstart Career & Life Coaching, I combined career and life coaching because if you're having a career problem, it will definitely have an impact on your personal life as well. Career and life are like the threads of a spider web, interwoven together, and difficult to separate. During the past several years, my coaching practice has evolved to be able to help more clients with their coaching needs. When life gets messy, and it's all tangled up like a spider web, please contact me.


Margie Curry

Personal Image Coach

  •  One of my first job interviews was with American Airlines to be a flight attendant. I aced my first phone interview, but during the second step of the process, they asked me how I felt about flying.  "I don't think I would like to be up in the air for a long time, and turbulence would bother me," I responded, sure I had just blown that interview. I could still feel that hard landing days later! Now I coach job seekers how to rebound from the tough questions. 

  •  I started out majoring in Criminal Justice Studies and wanted to be a Defense Attorney. During my career, I have "defended" my clients and been their advocate and support for both career and life issues. I'm also a very strong negotiator and have negotiated compensation packages for my executive candidates, and  negotiated other issues, on behalf of my clients as well.

  • I never want to be too busy to notice the people who are sad, lonely, or feel hopeless. Our words and actions can have a big impact on people. We have the power to lift them up, or crush their spirit.

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Margie Curry

Career Coach

Divorce Coach

Personal  Image Coach 

Medical Interviewing Coach

Personal Brand Coach

  •  Personal Image Coaching (Personal Image Consultant)  and Personal Brand Coaching is a way for me to be creative. I love to help people who are starting over or trying to create a new image, build confidence, and improve communication skills. This type of coaching includes a wardrobe stylist, (which is me), and a closet edit. Strong skills in branding, marketing, and public relations, and writing profiles.

  • Member, East Cooper Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant

  • Former Volunteer, Hope for Grieving Children, church sponsored grief program for kids and adults.

  • Medical Interviewing Coach, with specialized training in role playing and Behavioral Interviewing. I also provide interview coaching for business professionals and new college grads.

  • I had the opportunity to be a patient advocate for someone who was a back seat passenger when they were rear ended, and sustained several injuries.  Prepared a fact sheet for each round of the mediation settlement, highlighting 1 or 2 of their injuries. This strategy was very persuasive when the Catastrophic Case Unit Manager for the insurance company, the mediator, and their attorney, were in another room discussing a settlement amount. I had become very familiar with the physics of a back seat passenger being rear ended when one vehicle was stopped, while the other one was moving at a speed of 40 - 45 mph. This direct impact was like hitting a brick wall. The injured parties' attorney thanked me for my help with this case and was impressed with my knowledge of the medical diagnoses and how each one would impact this person's future and loss of income. I spent days preparing for this mediation settlement meeting, and was able to show that the merits of this case warranted a very reasonable and fair settlement. I smiled each time the mediator left the room carrying another sheet that made a compelling argument for the case. After 7 hours of mediation, a settlement was reached.

  • Career Coach, Divorce Coach, Personal Image Coach, who is cool under pressure, and finds real life solutions to problems.