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Jumpstart Interview Coaching, was started in 2005, to help business professionals in career transition, clients for personal brand coaching and image coaching, new college grads, medical interns prepare for residency interviews, students applying to medical school, and candidates for military academy nomination interviews. Relocated from Atlanta to Charleston in June, 2015. 14 years experience in career coaching, career counseling, interview coaching, personal brand coaching, and image coaching.  

Jumpstart Your Career 

When you need a jumpstart, it means your battery is low and you need help to amp it up,  Does your career need a jumpstart? Career Counseling Mount Pleasant. Interview Coaching Charleston. Career Coaching Charleston.  Military Nomination Interview Coaching  Mount Pleasant. Personal Brand Coach, Charleston. Image Coach Mount Pleasant. Personal Image Consultant Charleston. Residency Interview Coaching Charleston. Medical School Interview Coaching Mount Pleasant. Personal Wardrobe Stylist Mount Pleasant.

About Margie Curry

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  •  One of my first job interviews was with American Airlines to be a flight attendant. I aced my first phone interview, but during the second step of the process, they asked me how I felt about flying.  "I don't think I would like to be up in the air for a long time, and turbulence would bother me," I responded, sure I had just blown that interview. I could still feel that hard landing days later! Today, I coach job seekers how to rebound from the tough questions.

  •  I started out majoring in Criminal Justice Studies and Minoring in Journalism.  At that time in my life, I only wanted to defend the good guys. But my  perspective has changed. God gives me grace, everyday of my life, and I want to give grace to others. I respect people who are trying so hard to overcome giant obstacles to be the person they want to be. During my career, I have "defended" my clients and been their advocate and support for both career and life issues. I'm also a very strong negotiator and have negotiated compensation packages for my executive candidates, and also "negotiated" other issues on behalf of some clients. 

  •  Personal Brand Coaching and Image Coaching (Personal Image Consultant) is a way for me to be creative. I love to help people who are starting over or trying to build a brand and idenity  or create a new image. I began my career with Ketchum, the top advertising, public relations, and branding agency in the US.

  • Before I launched my coaching practice, I was one of the top Recruiters in the Atlanta market. 

Margie Curry

Career Coach

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Personal Image Consultant

  • Skilled Career Coach, Interview Coach, Personal Brand Coach, and Image Coach (Personal Image Consultant) who remains cool under pressure, anticipates obstacles, and finds real life solutions to problems. In psychology they use the term "fight or flight" to describe how a person reacts to a stressful situation. I definitely stay and fight. I want to find a solution, not run away.