Career Coaching

I have been providing career coaching and career counseling services to clients for more than 14 years. I'm also a former Recruiter, with experience managing large recruiting projects,  developing behavioral interview type questions, evaluating candidate responses, and helping companies and organizations make good hiring decisions. Expert Level Interview Coach, who has interviewed thousands of candidates. Specialized training from the federal government in "behavioral interviewing"  the mostly widely used interview technique. Experience with many different types of selection processes used by companies and organizations, military academies, medical schools, and others.

Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition is not easy, but if you focus on the road ahead, and not the rear view mirror, you will be okay. I have coached many clients going through career transition, including business professionals, and executives. Some of my experience may be helpful to executives who plan to "jumpstart" a new business or have a second career. Other skills include: sales distribution, new business startup, acquisitions, marketing, customer messaging, negotiations, and licensing agreements.

New College Grads Career Coaching

Career Coaching to help new college grads transition from college to the job market.

Selling Your Transferable Skills

Selling your transferable skills is very important. Some transferable skills include: leadership, problem solving, organization, and communication.

Career Coach Charleston

Margie  Curry

Jumpstart Interview Coaching

Charleston, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant


Many people do not know where to put the period at the end of a powerful statement or sentence. They will just keep "talking". I coach a lot of clients that struggle with this same problem. When you keep talking, it's like putting your car in reverse and backing up. You risk undoing all the good points you just made in an interview, presentation, or conversation.

The Art of Perception 

Career Coaching Strategy

  • coaching where to put the period at the end of a powerful statement or sentence.

  • how to read the body language of someone.

  • coaching what your body language is telling others.

  • how to minimize the negatives and focus on the positives in your life.

  • coaching about the importance of what you say and how you say it, and what your style and clothes is saying about you.

Meet & Greet Coaching Session

Meet and Greet Coaching Sessions for parents who have a son or daughter that is struggling to "jumpstart" their life, preparing for college, or trying to transition from college to the job market.