Executive Coaching

My strengths as an Executive Coach are leadership and emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict resolution, confidence building, and wardrobe styling. Executives can have a big impact on the workplace if they use their words and actions to lift up others, not to crush their spirit. Positive leadership improves performance. My strategies encourage a "we an do it together" attitude, and have been very successful in driving revenues and profitability. Each team member feels like they have a vested interest in the bottom line of the company or organization.15 years experience in executive coaching and interview coaching. Former Recruiter. Former Branding & Marketing Consultant.

Developed "The Art of Perception" coaching strategy for my clients.

Please read my postings on Linkedin, where I provide my perspective on different topics, including: emotional intelligence, starting over series, "Dating Apps, Guys and Their Dogs", and others.

Margie Curry

Executive Coach


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Coaching clients in Charleston, SC and surrounding areas.