Divorce Coaching and Grief Coaching from a Christian perspective.

Margie Curry, Coach


Charleston, SC


Coaching clients across the US

Backstory: Margie Curry

  • I5 years experience in coaching. My clients include: "C" level executives, (leadership coaching and emotional intelligence coaching), new college grads, medical interns preparing for their residency, students applying to medical school, applicants for physician assistant and nurse practitioner programs, and candidates for advanced degree programs. 

  • Divorce Coaching and Grief Coaching (loss of spouse) This coaching is from a Christian perspective, and may include talking, listening to music and then discussing the message in a song, and walking therapy. The biggest advantage to this type of coaching is helping clients move forward. I lost my husband in the spring of 2020, and understand you may need GPS to track all your emotions.

  • Skilled in grief support, the foundation of Life Coaching.

  • Author of "Starting Over" Postings on Linkedin.

  • Expert Level Interview Coach. Skilled in Behavioral Interviewing.

  • Former Recruiter. Experience managing high profile recruiting projects.

  • Created "Failing Forward" Strategy to help my clients overcome obstacles and turn a negative into a positive.

  • Former Branding & Marketing Consultant.